How Friendships Can Predict Your Relationship’s Future

Have you ever had that friend, or worse been that friend, who once they’re in a relationship they disappear?  They are too busy coupling to catch a movie, grab a drink or even answer your call.  Your friendship gets demoted to texts and social media posts.  It’s no surprise that they only resurface after the romance has soured.  That’s because studies show that healthy friendships actually result in a happier romantic relationship.

Leaning on one person for all the roles friends play in your life is certain doom.  Not to mention that it’s important you see what kind of friends your potential partner has and how they foster those relationships.  Professional Christian Matchmaker Renee Richel says spending time with your friends and your partners will save a lot of time and effort in helping you determine if you have a future with his person.

Does He/She Have Friends?

If your potential partner has no friends and all they want to do is hang out with you then that’s a bright red flag.  If they don’t have a thriving social (human) network, it could mean that they are hard to get along with, have trouble committing to relationships or won’t let people in emotionally.

Are their Friends’ Players or Planners?

You can tell a lot about a person’s goals and ambitions by their friends.  If they are goal oriented their friends will provide a supportive environment that also challenges them to strive for more.  Their friends may vary in age with more mature pals providing mentorship and guidance.  If all their friends are younger, just want to party, or are “yes men” then you are probably dating someone who isn’t focused on their future.


Are They Full of Drama?

1 True Match finds that the most desired quality in a potential partner is a sense of shared values.  If their friends are full of drama, or you always tend to end up in an argument after spending time with them, then they most likely don’t share your values or priorities for a happy and healthy relationship now or in the future.

Do You See A Future or are they Fair Weathered Friends?

Can you see yourself being friends with them at later points in your life, after you get married or are they seasonal?  Can you vent without them holding it against you or your partner?  It’s important that friends provide long term support by staying neutral during bumps in the road and provide advice that nurtures and helps heals wounds, they don’t poke and add fuel to the fire.

Are They Trustworthy?

Going out for a girls or guys night is important for a healthy relationship.  Letting your partner connect with their friends, talk about work, the kids, even you, are great ways for them to come back to the relationship refreshed and relaxed. But if you have to worry about what they are doing, or they go off the grid for the night, it will erode your trust in them and your partner.

Ultimately good friends teach us how to have a healthy friendship within our own marriage.  They provide a safe place to be ourselves, seek advice and support.  They are key to our emotional and mental well-being by making us feel loveable in our ups and our downs.  “Friends are God’s way of proving He doesn’t want us to walk alone,” believes Richel. So, make sure you keep those friendship nurtured especially when “the one” comes along, you’ll need them more than ever.

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