At 1 True Match, you’ll find we are as invested in your falling in love as you are. We help you deeply understand your wants, needs, values and even your blind spots, so we can help you avoid them. Marriage is not a destination but rather a journey. We'd love to be part of yours!

We all know relationships can be tricky. Those beginning weeks set the tone for the entire relationship. Our team of experts listen, advise and support you every step of the way.


#1 - We Have Your Best Interest at Heart

We know a successful relationship starts with how you feel about yourself inside and out.  We have a team of experts who are ready to make you sure you shine.

#2 - ONLY Qualified Introductions

We put ourselves in your shoes to make sure each candidate has the the compatibility and character of someone you are excited to get to know better.

#3 - Matches Excited to Meet You

Before you go on a date, we ensure that they are just as eager to meet you as you are to meet them.

#4 - Never Be Blindsided Again

We get direct feedback from you and your date to make a quick determination if your match is going in the right direction. Date feedback is critically beneficial for everyone involved.




Are you curious if matchmaking is right for you? If you are serious about finding a healthy, long lasting and meaningful love, then put your trust in 1 True Match. We offer a unique, personalized and effective process with a proven track record of success. If this sounds appealing, then we would love to meet you! Our in-person consultation allows us to learn your needs and wants in a partner. Regardless if you become a client or not, you’ll walk away with expert dating advice from our team of professionals.


Our search efforts to find your 1 True Match is extensive. Each client will have a personalized search for love matches, specifically for what you’re looking for. We don’t just search in our database, but we also reach out to our love scouts, perform digital marketing searches and attend events around town to recruit in person. Our searches are confidential and your identity is always kept private.


Wouldn’t it be nice having a best friend who can swoop in and ask all those unsexy but important questions you are dying to know on a first date? That’s what we are here for. Once we recruit top quality men and women for you, we interview them over the phone and in person. We ask the hard questions and we ensure they meet every one of your non-negotiables so you aren’t wasting your time. All you have to do is show up to your date and see if you have chemistry!


Presentation day is our client’s favorite day! Sit back and relax as we bring you into the office and present our top profiles. We will share their photos and details about them of why they’re a great catch. Want to go on a date with 1? Or all 4? This is totally up to you!


Did you ever go on a date and think it went great, only to never hear from the person again? This will never happen as a client of our matchmaking services. We do a follow up call to both you and your date so we can get a clear picture of how everything went, and use this feedback to ensure the second date is even more successful!


You’ve reached the height of your career; you have many friends and attend social functions regularly, you are fit and energetic, but yet something is missing. However, “someone” is missing. Despite many futile attempts at finding and connecting with that special person many highly successful men and women have failed in this one area of their lives. Maybe it is time for some focused and professional help.


For many successful men and women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, searching for that special someone has become an endless and frustrating stream of awkward dates. This is not surprising as there are very few ways to meet men and women who are highly likely to be compatible with their core beliefs, goals and plans for the future. Why is this?

The answer is that most people must resort to using online dating sites which use a series of (often embellished) data points to try and match couples. This approach has a certain appeal over awkward dates arranged by friends and family since it is anonymous. Happily in Jacksonville, there is a better way to navigate the rough waters of dating.

With over 7 years of success in helping men and women find that special person, we are confident that we can help anyone who is serious about finding a fulfilling and long term relationship. We consider our relationship coaching a key component of our success and we are a strong believer that the ability to communicate is usually at the root of relationship problems. We have the goal of providing luxury matchmaking consulting for men and women in the Jacksonville area that is not in any way like an online dating website or the many impersonal 'dating' services.


The truth is that a computer program cannot evaluate the special qualities that could potentially create that spark of excitement with the right person. To narrow the odds of finding the right person within the sea of people represented by embellished dating profiles, the services of a professional matchmaker can take the pain out of the process.


If you are willing to work at finding a man or woman who will make your life happy, stable and exciting, you will need a matchmaker who can help you define and find this special person. Our process is extremely focused. We spend hours initially with each client learning what is important to them which is fundamental to understanding who they are looking for.


As the process continues, we help our clients determine what they consider to be vital to a good relationship and how they envision their future would be if it contained this special person. Renee Richel works one-on-one with each client as they go through the initial steps of meeting someone new. Her clients often remark that the first date feels like the twentieth date because of the time she invests in the early stages of getting to really understand her client’s needs.


Jacksonville is the largest geographic area in the country with hundreds of online dating sites and organizations that only exist to arrange meetings. The fact that most of those meetings fail to generate a meaningful relationship is what makes many men and women gun-shy at the prospect of engaging a professional matchmaker.


One of the many advantages of working with Renee Richel is the trust she has developed with the men and woman who have come to her looking for someone they can share their future with. These beautiful, intelligent and energetic men and women have shared details with her that reveal their unique strengths, hopes and dreams for the future. With this intimate information, Renee Richel is able to more accurately put people together who can begin their relationship with confidence. These men and women are not to be found on dating sites. They are as discerning as our clients who do not want to waste their time with introductions that are unlikely to result in what they are looking for in a partner.


After each date, our matchmakers are available to provide feedback and assess whether the date was successful in the eyes of both parties. We are unbiased, and spend a lot of time assessing the result of the date, helping each person to decide if they should continue. In most cases, it takes time to fully evaluate the potential of a relationship but there are certain relationships that hit it off immediately. Additionally, where it is evident that there is no point to continuing, we will be the first to suggest trying someone else.


Find out how a professional matchmaker can help you in your quest to find a meaningful relationship. Call us to request a private consultation so we can get to know you and with this information, can introduce you to some of the most exceptional men and women in the world.
Enlisting the support, guidance and advice of a professional matchmaker can have a huge impact on the outcome and success of your future relationships. Matchmaking works in the same capacity as hiring a dedicated search firm to help companies find, qualify and vet key employees and executives. The search for anything valuable in life requires special care, attention and dedication to the finest of details.


The matchmaking process is one that involves a matchmaker and client in a consistent exchange of ideas, thoughts and feedback. It’s important to remember this is a process, and more of a journey than a destination.


At our company, the journey begins with a 20 minute complimentary consultation phone call to discuss your personal goals, needs and to share information on how we might support you in creating the personal life you desire. We then set realistic expectations to give our potential clients an accurate and honest look at what the process might involve based on desired criteria, location and relationship readiness. We are only able to accept the clients we feel we are able to serve and who are in alignment with our own values and goals as one of the most trusted matchmaking companies in the industry. It’s important to us to know you, your wants, needs, personal deal breakers, lifestyle, relationship history, dreams and desires.


Once we begin the process, we start interviewing and vetting potential men or women for you and only introduce to the most beautiful/handsome, intelligent, fit and interesting men or women. That said, our success truly lies in our ability to not only know the type of man or woman you seek, but to recognize the individual who’s looking for someone just like you.


We work exclusively for single, christian, eligible men and women and we limit the number of clients we are able to serve each year to ensure a high level or care and support for each client. Men and Women are invited to submit a confidential and free dating profile to our exclusive network and come to us through referral, advertising, our social media, events and our 'Love Angel' Scouts.


Every introduction is pre-screened by our team and when we have an exciting match to share with you, a professional matchmaker will reach out via phone or email for your thoughts and approval. After each and every date, you’ll be giving and receiving feedback, which is a valuable part of why we’ve been able to help couples find true love. Each introduction is a chance for all of us to learn more about you and the qualities that inspire chemistry, romance and ultimately lasting love. We go beyond the matchmaking process by supporting you with your entire personal journey. The more we know you and your lifestyle the better we can support you and find your ideal match.
First dates are not auditions, nor are they an opportunity to qualify a potential lifelong mate. Contrary to what you might think, it’s not a waste of your time if you didn’t find the love of your life over coffee, drinks or dinner. This way of thinking takes you out of the moment and piles on additional and unnecessary nerves that lead to inauthentic behavior. When first dates fail, it’s directly due to one or both people having a false expectations. If first dates strike a chord of fear or frustration in you, or you wish you could skip past a first date and just get to the relationship, you have the wrong impression of the purpose of dating. First dates should be fun and something you look forward to. After all, it’s a chance to meet a new human being, hear someone else’s life story and make a new connection.

As a matchmaker, I’ve heard the “he said/she said” of literally thousands of dates. Although my team and I have knack for setting up quality dates, this doesn’t mean dates can’t go wrong or get off to a bad start.

If you’re being set up via a matchmaker who has taken great care to get to know you, here are three simple things to keep top of mind to help you stay on track and prepare for every first date:

  • Expect to reveal and share. First dates should be fun but in order to create a second date, there must be a connection that is built on inspired human emotion. Stay away from topics that are negative or superficial and prepare to show up, to be seen and heard. The art of first date conversation lies in your ability to ask meaningful, value-centered questions and in the ability to share from the heart. This creates an instant bond between two people that is the foundation of creating chemistry.
  • Expect to engage on a deeper level. A first date is a long conversation perhaps over coffee, drinks or dinner. Contrary to what you’ve read about dating services and matchmaking companies, your first date is simply one step in the process. Only YOU can inspire love. A matchmaking service is simply there to open the right doors for you. Not every first date will be with your soul mate. Those who go into first dates with this expectation feel the post-date emotional crash when interest is not mutual. Take the pressure off a first date by relaxing and enjoying the time to get to know someone new regardless of the outcome. You’ll be that much more at ease and enjoyable to be near!
  • Expect to offer Feedback. As a matchmaker, my team and I are always calibrating the feedback we receive after each and every date. Engaging a matchmaker means you come in with an open heart and mind and at a times, a thick skin. You’ll be asked to give honest and well thought out feedback about what you liked about your date, what worked or didn’t work and how you believe you came across on the date. It’s a wonderful and eye opening experience to hear how you’re doing on dates via the people you meet. It’s important to have a trusted source to help you refine your “wish list” and find the person who is your ideal match for your future.
Matchmaking Services begins at $16,500 and ranges up to $50,000 +

Matchmaking success is making introductions between two people who are compatible. We are not here to waste your time or ours by introducing two people who are not a true match. It’s a success when you find that special someone on one of your dates during your time with us who you want to continue dating.

Yes, Renee Richel provides date coaching to all clients. Renee also teaches a program called "LOVE Starts with YOU!" offering the latest relationship tips to apply in your life today and for the future to find and hold onto a lasting love. Visit our events page for more details on up coming events/tours.

You’ll always receive a full profile, verified photos and our “take” on every person that we introduce to you. We ask the difficult and personal questions that lead us to understanding their character, emotional readiness and so much more.

You’re in great hands. clients who have come before you have experienced the luxury in dating with my 7 years of experience of success helping some of the most eligible men and women find love. If you would like to speak to one our Clients we will gladly put you in touch with them.

We are more than just your matchmakers. We are also your dating expert & relationship coaches. Our advice and counsel may be the most valuable part of our process together. You’ll greatly benefit from the honest feedback, as well as the guidance given about each person you’ll be meeting.

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