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While you’re busy living your life, we are busy finding your true love. 1 True Match is determined and dedicated to building long-term relationships valued on love, God, and a commitment of marriage between two compatible partners as our number one priority.

Each of our Clients is supported by our dedicated Matchmakers, it is their mission and the greatest blessing to find you your life partner. Your matchmaker will be dedicated to you, and we will get to know you inside and out, so that we can tailor our search and approach based on your specific wants and needs. 1 True Match’s Clients go through a journey with us before, during, and even after we find their “1 True Match.” Our matchmaking service has a six-step journey that incorporates the most innovative matchmaking methods. This journey was created from extensive research of different industries such as sociology, psychology, and our proven successful matchmaking methodology. Our family at 1 True Match is ready and eager to meet you, hear your story, and see if working together is the right fit to get you to introduce you to the love you always imagined and deserve.


To speak with one of our certified matchmakers to discuss the best plan for you, please fill out a complimentary profile telling us more about you. When you submit this form, you will receive an email with more details and the next steps. Included in this email is a link to book your complimentary client consultation call; at your convenience.

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