Matchmaking Services

Client Journey

Are you ready to find your 1 True Match?  Let us find the quality partner you have been praying for your whole life. We provide a concierge boutique service with each individual heart in mind during our Client’s journey to finding the one. You are not just a number or date; we treat our Clients like family. Your heart is our number one priority to equipping and guiding you to your one true love in safe hands. Next time you give your heart to someone we want you to give it to the right one. We stay with our Clients throughout the entire journey and after matched to ensure success in love for a life-time. This is a fee-based membership specifically designed with your needs and wants in mind. Schedule your one-on-one matchmaking consultation session with one of our certified matchmakers today. We will begin with a complimentary phone call to learn more about you, and share more about our services. We look forward to meeting you! 

Candidate Journey

Would you like the opportunity to meet one of our highly sought out, successful, and heart-centered Christian Clients? If you are a successful professional Christian individual who is balanced in all areas of your life, and ready for a committed long-term relationship, we want to know more about you. We invite you to fill out a complementary and confidential candidate profile. We hand select and interview through our candidate members first every time we are searching for our clients. It is important to us and our Clients to find them a compatible partner for a life-time, not just a match for today. We will contact you when we have a Client who is looking for someone just like you. There are no fees to join the candidate journey and your information is completely confidential. Through this journey you will be able to update your profile at any time to keep your information current.

“It was so inspiring to have Renee in my corner the entire time. Dating in today’s world is scary and challenging, especially going at it alone as a single Dad. I am grateful that Renee held me accountable to fulfilling my dreams, which led me to finding Melissa. We’re blessed with where our relationship is heading. Thank you, Renee, and to your entire team.”