1 True Match is a personalized Christian matchmaking service dedicated to finding busy, successful professionals their 1 True Match. Our services are private, personal and professional. We accept all followers of the Christian faith who are looking to connect with a potential partner over a spiritual bond and shared core values.

Renee Richel, CEO

Renee Richel is the Founder & President of 1 True Match, an exclusive matchmaking service for Christian singles serious about finding a quality relationship with a successful individual.  As a premier professional matchmaker and relationship coach, Renee has dedicated her life to the importance, purpose and dynamics of human relationships.

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Dedicated to Finding Our Clients Their True Match


Connie Sandberg - Client Relations Matchmaker

Connie connects with clients, followers and romantics across all our social media platforms. She is the architect of our social media content and makes sure it is full of interesting information, helpful tips and cool pictures of what’s new and trending in the dating world! Connie’s reach goes beyond the online experience, she also coordinates our live events and creates exciting and engaging opportunities for our singles and partners to learn how to meet and find their 1 True Match!


Steven Losardo - Vice President of Operations

Steven had an earlier career in consulting and management for a software company, and is currently a licensed CPA. In 2014, he began making a transition to start training in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy. As a result, he received a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University, training at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. During this time, Steven also earned a Master of Arts degree from Liberty University in Pastoral Counseling focusing on Marriage and Family.

Steven's passion for teaching God’s design for relationships led him to be a part of the 1 True Match Team. Not only is he is responsible for assisting in building a strength based approach to matching couples, his focus is also on information technology, team development, business development, and cultivating a covenantal marriage community.


Kennedy Albertson - Team Manager

Kennedy has exceptional customer service skills to make sure to make sure every client has the communication and experience they deserve every step. Kennedy also runs the day to day office needs, coordinates of dates, calendar scheduling, follow up and feedback with our Clients and matches. She is one of our key branches off the vine that makes our organization run smoothly.


Jeremy Sandberg - Director of Recruiting and Networking

Jeremy connects with clients, followers, and matches. He is passionate about bringing people together since one of the joys of his life is to see people around him being happy and in love. Jeremy's Christian beliefs bring so much value to everyone he meets, he's never met a stranger. He is a huge asset to our Clients, matches and 1 True Match team.


Joshua Abbott - Associate Matchmaker

Joshua’s passion is bringing people together and finding their 1 True Match! Joshua is fabulous, fired up and fashionable. A resident of the world, his travels have inspired his love of theatre, music, dance and art. He brings his love of all things beautiful inside and out to his approach at matchmaking. His compassion, trustworthiness and genuine desire to help our clients find love guides his every effort. Joshua - simply put - has the eye, ear and heart to find what truly makes people happy.


Ashley Aaron - Client Account Manager

Ashley ensures that each client has a wonderful experience from the day they join our Christian matchmaking service to the magical day when they walk down their aisle with their 1 True Match. Ashley uses her expert customer service skills to make sure that she creates a client experience that fits every need and exceeds every expectation. She also assists clients in coordinating payment arrangements to fit within their budget, because we believe love should be within reach for everyone!


Amy Hillard - Matchmaking Coordinator

Amy is a lover of details, descriptions and date making! We couldn’t run such a successful company if it weren’t for the passion and focus that Amy puts into her role as our coordinator. Amy also supports our team of matchmakers as they serve our clients by helping us recruit terrific singles in our complimentary dating profile, search the profiles for perfect matches, and make sure all correspondence and communications are timely and fabulously written. Amy is our all-around relationship ring master!


Kimberly Bolton - Chief Learning Officer

Kimberly works diligently to provide our clients and live event participants with the latest top trending research on relationships and dating. She helps to design our informative training courses, develop our top-tier coaching tips, and contribute to our online learning technology. These top-level learning tools help us counsel our clients, so they can find and develop their best selves and improve their dating skills. They also provide an open and supportive forum for critical feedback to put our clients on the pathway for success in every aspect of their lives.


Amber Weitzel - Professional Photographer

Amber is a top notch professional photographer. Amber has shot some of the most elite Clients around the USA. She's done single professional shots, couples and weddings. She loves when she gets to work with our Client from their first shot to then their engagement shoot to their wedding day and so on. Capturing the most priceless moments in peoples lives is her passion of why she does what she does. We are honored our Clients and matches get to work with someone who is dedicated and loving to everyone she treats like royalty during their session to feel so special! It's a red carpet experience every time. Book your session today to show off your beauty from the inside out that Amber is incredible at capturing.



A successful relationship starts with you, so our first meeting will determine if we are the right match to help you achieve your long-term relationship goals. We look for clients who are committed, Christian-minded and willing to work with our highly qualified team of relationship experts to find their 1 True Match. Our proven success rate has led to many successful, committed relationships over the years. If you’re ready, let’s start your journey together.


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