Why Trust A Matchmaker With Your Dating Life

Why would you sit and wait, dreaming for your perfect partner to come into your life when you can take an active role in finding them yourself? Think about it: you’d use a recruiter or a headhunter to find you that big money job you’ve been dreaming of to advance your career. Why wouldn’t you use a professional matchmaker to help you find your One True Match? Professional Christian matchmaker Renee Richel breaks down the reasons why so many people place their trust in 1 True Match to find their potential partner:

Your Ideal Candidate Is NOT On A Dating App

When joining dating sites, the goal is to find a match and fall in love. However,  the ability to hide behind a screen in many cases is resulting in financial and emotional scams from some not-so-trustworthy people. Renee Richel warns of the dangers that come with using dating apps and breaks down The Emotional and Financial Cost of Online Dating Scams. One dating site just recently had to add an emergency alert button in case the date turns dangerous. 1 True Match conducts background checks and personality tests to make sure you have the opportunity to meet someone who is safe, honest, and has the financial resources they claim to have.  We don’t want you to give your heart to anyone who isn’t who they say they are.

1 True Match only represents healthy, successful and relationship ready clientele across the Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and Atlanta area. The clients we work with turn to us because:

  • They are simply too busy to put in the time needed to invest in searching for that perfect match.
  • They refuse to go online because they want to keep their relationship search private.
  • They want to ensure that their safety and emotional needs are going to be met before they open their heart.

What Men Are Looking For

Many of the men we represent are high-income earning or high net worth individuals who want to ensure that a woman is interested in them beyond their bank account. They turn to 1 True Match because our efforts to find that next potential partner are extensive. We work to ensure we only select someone of high caliber who matches our clients wants, needs, aspirations, and morals. We don’t just search in our database, we also reach out to our love angels, perform digital marketing searches, and attend high profile events around town to recruit in person. Our searches are confidential, identities are always kept private, and the best interests of our clients is always at the forefront.

What Women Are Looking For

Many of the women we represent are also high net worth individuals who have invested in their careers and worked hard to earn their money. In a relationship, they hope for an equal partner to contribute to a successful future and protect their nest egg. We hear from our female clients that their biggest fear is they will lead with their heart and not their heads.  The risk is real for successful women that a conman will target them to swindle and manipulate them out of the premise of love, similar to the frightening, true-crime story of Dirty John. In our extensive research, we include a full background check to make sure your heart and safety are both protected.

Start Your Journey With 1 True Match

“We know our clients want to find a loving, trusting and financially secure relationship but they just don’t have the time to search or want to be the one to ask for that credit score or do the background check themselves,” said Christian matchmaker Renee Richel. “They hire us because they know we do all that for them before they even learn this person exists.” Schedule a complimentary consultation with 1 True Match to see how we can help you get in the dating game and find a partner you can trust who has the same goals, hopes, and dreams as you!

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