Why Elopements and Micro-Weddings are All Everyone’s Talking About!

The coronavirus broke the hearts of thousands of couples in full wedding planning mode when the country went into lockdown. Only to be followed by restrictions on the number of guests to deter the spread of the virus. A flood of weddings and receptions were rescheduled or canceled altogether. Couples reluctantly ended up ditching the 200 plus guests lists, forgoing the fancy dress, and the big receptions. Not that those couples didn’t get married, many just couldn’t do it when, where, and the way they wanted. But we know love always finds a way and some of those ways are now growing in popularity among couples, wedding planners, and vendors.


Elopements from way back when are making a comeback in a big way. But modern elopements don’t involve climbing out a window in the dark of night to secretly get hitched. The elopements of 2020 and into next year are well planned and even live-streamed or viewed by hundreds of virtual guests! Despite the disappointment of not having the wedding they were planning, many brides are finding the stress free planning a big relief. Matt Dalley, co-founder of the elopement planning service Simply Eloped has booked thousands of elopements over the past few years but says the recent interest is at an all-time high. Hotels are now offering elopement packages that include the ceremony, the flowers, a private dinner, and romantic activities for couples.

“We love that couples are truly connecting with each other and focusing on the meaning of the union instead of all the planning and details of a big party,” says Relationship Coach Renee Richel, Founder of 1 True Match. “We love weddings and that’s our ultimate goal when we make our matches, but the focus should never be on one big day, but on the marriage and a lifelong relationship.”

Newlyweds Lynn and Ian Coffey are among the couples who had to change their plans at the last minute. They had a fabulous destination wedding planned for late March in the Bahamas. Then travel restrictions started going into place the week before their wedding and flights to the island were canceled. It was heartbreaking for them but they shifted their focus on starting their married lives rather than the wedding festivities.

“We waited over 40 years to find the right partner and we didn’t want to delay spending the rest of our lives together as husband and wife,” explains Lynn Coffey. “While the wedding wasn’t my “fairy tale” wedding, it was perfectly us. It was simple and intimate, and people who wouldn’t have been able to attend our destination wedding were able to attend virtually.”

Her Maid of Honor even dressed up in her MOH dress and gave her speech on FaceTime. The two ended up marrying in a friend’s backyard under a picturesque gazebo overlooking the beach. The only attendees were the officiant, the photographer, and two friends. They were able to dress up their dog Jackson for their wedding day which made it even more special.


For couples who couldn’t imagine getting married without their family and close friends, there are micro-weddings of 20 guests or fewer.  Micro-weddings also offer a financial break for couples who right now are trying to avoid spending big dollars during a pandemic fueled recession. Many couples are opting for tented open-air weddings in backyards, parks, farms, and beaches. These allow family and friends to participate and limit the health risks that would be present at larger gatherings. Some of the top trends according to The Knot for 2021 are wedding tents and mood lighting to bring a romantic and airy ambiance to the day.

Jacksonville Wedding Planner Monica Bernhardt has coordinated more than 200 weddings and was recently voted Best Wedding Coordinator in Jacksonville Magazine’s Best of Bride issue. Her advice, look at a smaller affair as a more intimate event where you can spend quality time and create real memories with the people you care about the most.

“I’ve coordinated these smaller weddings at one of the more popular venues I book, the Beaches Museum Chapel,” explains Bernhardt. “We called them ‘Intimate Weddings’, where there are typically fewer than 25 people, I’ve even had one with just 2 guests. With weddings changing, the industry is changing along with it and finding new and special ways for our clients to celebrate this special occasion.”

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We now include questions to our screening process about their health and travels in regard to the Coronavirus to ensure our clients’ health and safety is of the utmost importance. Don’t take unsafe chances by using risky dating apps; instead, use our proven, confidential matchmaking services.

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