The Magic of Modern Day Matchmakers

Way Before Dating Apps and Online Algorithms there have been Matchmakers.  Matchmaking is an age-old profession traced back to biblical references.  Back then bringing water to camels was heralded as a sign of a woman who was thoughtful and generous and therefore a good catch.  Matchmaking can be tracked to nearly every corner of the world, from Greece, Russia, Ireland, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, England and even in the Americas.  Historically, matchmaking was employed as a way to pass down wealth through generations, ensure that royal blood lines maintained governance and that couples stayed within their proper class structures.  While matchmaking is as old as relationships, what has changed is the role of Matchmakers in today’s match ups.

The New Dating Dilemma

At the start of the 19th century marriages began to be based on love and compatibility rather than for financial, class or political needs.  Traditional matchmaking decreased, as singles took on their own search.  But this cultural shift also included the delaying of marriage as more women entered college and the workforce, ambitious career demands increased work hours and extended business travel for both men and women.  Singles soon discovered while their dating options may have increased, so did the challenge to find a compatible partner.

Modern Day Matchmakers

Matchmaking is making a comeback as more eligible singles find that online dating apps are often impersonal, inaccurate and at worst dangerous.  Modern day Matchmakers provide the personal attention that is missing from online only interactions.  “A quality Matchmaker will offer an experience that is personal, individualized and confidential,” said Renee Richel, Founder and President of 1 True Match, a Christian matchmaking service dedicated to finding busy, successful professionals, their life partner.  “Our professional matchmaking team is focused on finding a match based on our client’s priorities and values.”  Richel recommends singles strongly consider using a Matchmaker, especially if they are serious about finding love.

 What Does a Matchmaker Do?

A Matchmaker does several key things to streamline the process of finding that match:

  • Compatibility Consultation – A Matchmaker will go in depth with you to find out what you are truly looking for in a long-term partner and offer you advice on dating, personal grooming and provide feedback after those initial dates.
  • Thorough Search – Based on what they know about you, a Matchmaker will search their existing databases, reach out to their network of Matchmakers, attend professional, community and charitable networking events, basically leave no stone unturned in their search for your match.
  • Screening and Safety – A Matchmaker personally interviews each and every candidate in person to ensure that your potential match is truly who they say they are and provide background checks.
  • Save You Time and Money – If you add up all the time and money you’ve spent on bad dates and dead-end relationships, a Matchmaker can save you thousands of dollars and wasted hours on people who are not compatible for you.

Richel says working with a Matchmaker is as if your best friend was out there looking for you, even in places you might not look for yourself.  Remember it’s a Matchmaker’s full-time job to serve as the concierge for your love life.



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