Step Into Spring And A New Love For Yourself

Spring is almost near and the countdown begins! The weather is getting warmer, the daylight is getting longer, and it’s a great time to put some extra “spring” back into your step and tackle the dating world. We’ve all heard of spring cleaning in regards to the home, but today we want to talk about a new type of spring cleaning, a refresher of your mind, body and soul!

Here are some great tips and suggestions for giving yourself a fresh reboot in the new season ahead, and preparing yourself to welcome in a new healthy lasting love.

Spring Cleaning the Home – Literally

You might be wondering what spring cleaning has to do with prepping yourself for the dating world, but when you take the time to spring clean your home, declutter, clean and get yourself organized, you will feel lighter, less stressed and more in control of getting your daily tasks done. The less stressed you feel, the happier your attitude and outlook on life. Studies have shown that marking things off our “to-do list” actually increases endorphins, which in the long-run makes us an overall happier person. Your happiness and positive energy will show, and will naturally attract others into your life who want to be around you.

Spend Time Outdoors, Get Fit And Be Active

As we put the cool weather behind us and the days get warmer, Spring is a great time to become more active and spent time in the outdoors. With the extra hour of sunlight, it’s the perfect time to take in an evening walk after work, hit the trails for a hike, or grab your wheels and enjoy a nice long bike ride. Join a running group to meet some new people, or sign up for those tennis lessons or softball team you’ve always been wanting to do. It’s a great way to meet new people, and you never know, perhaps Mr./Mrs. Right. As you shed the pounds, you will feel good about your body, look great in your clothes, and the endorphins will kick in to improve your already great mood. A little exercise each day can go a long way!

Treat Yourself To A New Spring Look

With the new warm season of warmer weather comes a great time to update your Spring look! Now that we are starting to store away our winter coats, boots and sweaters, it’s the perfect time to update our spring wardrobe. For the ladies…update your style with some lacy dresses, cute sandals, fresh makeup and maybe even a new do! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to purchase a few new favorite items to treat yourself. Grab your friends and scope out the nearest outlets, or spend the day visiting the consignments which always have great new items that come in each week. Dress up your look with a new pair of earrings, bracelet or nice statement necklace. When it comes to makeup, grab some magazines or head to the makeup counter to see what the latest colors are trending. For spring you can never go wrong with fresh, lighter natural colors in pinks, peach and light mauves. Also, it’s a great time to add some fresh highlights to give yourself that sun kissed look, or a new and different haircut all together to switch things up and complete your new look. For the men, endulge in a new Spring suit, or add to your going out look with some beachy classics in white, soft prints, or casual yet classy shirts and slacks. Maybe a new watch, or freshen up your face with a nice clean shaven look. You will step out in confidence, feel great about yourself and look amazing on your first date. Want professional help for a complete makeover & photoshoot? Inquire with “1 True Match” about our Client Makeover Packages.

Follow these tips to refresh and cleanse your mind, body and soul…and step into Spring feeling great, looking great and ready for a new love to enter your life!

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