5 Signs Your Partner Is “Marriage Material”

Being “marriage material” can mean different things to different people.  It’s usually meant to be a compliment, as in you’re a good communicator, you are kind or considerate.  It can also mean someone is a good provider, a good cook or has stability in their lives.  Bottom line, it means that you are presenting yourself in a way that makes you attractive as someone who is ready for and would be a good marriage partner.  So how do you know if you are giving off that vibe that says you are marriage material or if your partner is up for the challenge.

5 Signs Your Partner is Marriage Material and 1 “Wildcard” Sign

Communication is Key

You’ve heard it before but it’s worth repeating. If your partner is ready to walk down the aisle, they need to be able to share their feelings openly, their thoughts constructively and their concerns honestly.  Shutting down, a short fuse, or the tendency to place blame are not good signs that they will provide a safe space for your feelings. Fighting fair is crucial.

They Listen as Much as They Talk

Asking you about your day and truly investing the time to listen equates to someone who genuinely cares. That’s important because when they want you to share your day, it means they care about your day. If they care about the little things that happen during any given day, it means they will care about your life and the events that matter to you as you both grow together as a couple throughout your lives.

Their Future Includes You

When your partner talks about a future, it’s critical they include you, your dreams and goals.  Do they include themselves in activities and plans that involve your family and friends? Do their vacations plans or places they’d like to live include places that you have a shared interest in experiencing?  Part of any future planning should also include conversations about finances, budgets and saving for a future home or child. These topics are not always super comfortable, but they are critical to a secure and stable future.  You shouldn’t be thinking of sharing your life with anyone who won’t share their tax return.

They Make Time for You

No matter how much life or work gets in the way, someone who is ready for marriage always make time because you are a priority.  They make you a priority, because the relationship is important.  They not only make time for the relationship, but they pay attention to small things, even if it’s just a text message, a phone call, or a kind/thoughtful note to show that they’re thinking of you.

Pray Together, Stay Together

If you find comfort and guidance in your faith, then it’s important that they are willing to share your faith and build a foundation for your future centered around prayer and spiritually.  Sharing a healthy spiritual life goes hand in hand with sharing a healthy lifestyle and supporting each other emotionally.  You can’t share a spiritual life while participating in unhealthy behaviors, or being emotionally destructive to each other through lying or infidelity.


The Wildcard Compromise

We call it the “Wildcard Comprise” because you want someone who will take chances with you because they are willing to take risks in order to build the life you want to have together.  It could be anything that you both consider a once in a lifetime chance or a big adventure.  It’s something that excites you both, or one partner is willing to trust the other and give it a shot, like moving to a new city, taking a new job or opening a business. Whatever it is, it’s a leap of faith for each other.  A shared adventure can ignite a passion for life and for your partner.  That passion and desire is a key factor in keeping a relationship fresh and fun.

Are YOU Really Ready?

It’s important to look at your partner honestly when you consider whether you want to commit your life to them.  Be sure to also be honest with yourself about whether you are also ready to be “marriage material.”  You set yourself up for a successful relationship by first making sure your goals are clearly defined, your values are established, and you have a sense of direction for your life.  Understanding and having a good relationship with yourself first, helps you make better decisions about who and how you want to spend your future.

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