How Will The Dating Rules Change As We Enter The Post COVID-19 World?

While the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic is expected to have long lasting effects, we’re left wondering how the world will adapt to this new normal. Will social distancing continue once the restrictions are lifted? How will people feel about meeting someone new in a public setting? As states are beginning to open back up, Relationship Coach and Professional Christian matchmaker Renee Richel, President of 1 True Match, explains how to safely navigate this post COVID-19 Pandemic world when it comes to dating:

Let’s Get Digital

When we first discover someone new that sparks our interest, it’s natural to want to meet them right away. However, this is a time where you should take your time getting to know them before rushing to meet them in person. You need to place your health as a top priority, which means limiting your in-person interaction. You certainly won’t be able to meet your potential life partner, unless they happen to be part of the hospital staff, if you end up quarantined.

Experts say it’s okay to continue to date but recommend making some changes in your dating style. Now is a good time to swap face-to-face meetings with extra face time, Skype, phone calls, or texts. You can use this extra time to decide if this person is really worth leaving your home and taking the risk. “We always encourage our matches to take their time and look at this person first as a friend,” explains Renee. “Do we have similar values, interests and outlooks?  You won’t know that unless you invest the time in talking with them and listening, really listening to their answers.  You can certainly do this on a video chat.”

Where Will You Go?

Normally if you are meeting someone for the first time, you are encouraged to meet in a busy or fairly populated place for safety. However, that’s no longer the case as the more crowded the area, the higher the risk of being exposed to the virus. Renee has 5 great first date ideas you can do without worrying about being closed in with a multitude of people:

  • A walk in the park or the beach: Taking a walk is a great idea for a first date. This gives you time to converse and really get to know them, without being surrounded by tons of people. Exercise produces endorphins, which make you feel good and should give an extra advantage to your date.
  • Watch a movie together: You no longer have to actually go to the movies to watch one in real time with your date. Streaming services like Netflix Party allow you to sync up your movie while having the ability to chat on the side. Pick a flick and grab some popcorn!
  • Sight see: You don’t need a passport to travel the world in today’s digital age. There are tons of virtual museum tours you can take without even leaving the couch. This could be a good way to discover your date’s interests and learn if you could be good travel partners. There are also plenty of state parks that have now re-opened that you can go explore and be outside for the fresh air and sunshine.
  • Cook together: As restaurants are allowed to begin operating at limited capacity, it poses the question of how they will operate moving forward. Now may not be the best time to go to your favorite spot while trying to follow the new guidelines and focus on your date. Instead, pick out a recipe and invite your date over or video chat with them to try cooking it together! If all else fails, you can always order a pizza. It’s a great way to check out how they work as a team and as a partner.
  • Game night: Channel your inner kid and break out some board games. You can invite them over to your place or do it virtually! Puzzles made a huge comeback during the pandemic so there are plenty of designs and themes available, plus they take time so you can mix it with conversations that will help you get to know each other. Here are some tips from Oprah on how to set up some fun game nights.

“At the end of the day the same rules apply now that we have always encouraged; take your time, get to know the person, focus on the conversations, think about your safety and have fun.  If nothing else, you have made a friend through your efforts,” adds Renee. 

Put Your Trust In 1 True Match!

At 1 True Match, you’ll find we are just as invested in you falling in love and staying safe as you are. We conduct background checks and personality tests to make sure you have the opportunity to meet someone who is safe, honest, and has the financial resources they claim to have. We have added additional questions to our screening process about their health and travels in regard to the Coronavirus to ensure our clients’ health and safety is of utmost importance. Don’t take unsafe chances by using the dating apps; instead, use our proven, confidential matchmaking services. Schedule a complimentary consultation with 1 True Match to see how we can help you get in the dating game safely and find a partner you can trust!

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