How to Have A Great Zoom Date!

At this point in the coronavirus pandemic, most everything from business meetings to happy hour has moved to a virtual space. Dating is no exception. With many couples quarantined apart and singles left with no way to get out and socialize, stress levels and feelings of loneliness are high. Thankfully, with advanced technology, you can take the edge off the loneliness. Zoom or video chats have been around for a while, but they have been at full throttle since the shutdowns and work from home began. They are also an easy way for couples to get together face to face or singles to have their first dates. In order to have a successful virtual date, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. 1 True Match has compiled helpful tips and guidelines to help navigate this tricky technology to help you have the best date from a safe distance.

Acknowledge the Awkwardness

We all know how awkward a video call can be. Whether it’s sound or lighting issues, the internet connection lagging behind or distractions in the background, it’s not always smooth sailing. One of the first tips we suggest for a successful virtual date is to acknowledge these awkward moments. There’s nothing worse than trying to play it cool when you can’t hear anything your date is saying. Once you both can have a laugh at some awkward moments, it will break the ice and bring you closer together. You can’t avoid technical difficulties, so just embrace them.

Have Plans In Place

Another tip for successful video-call dates include having plans in place. Whether it’s a first date or a long-term relationship, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than just sitting and staring at each other with nothing to say or do. To prevent any uncomfortable silence, here are a few activities you can do on a virtual date:

  • Binge watch a T.V. show or movie using Netflix Party
  • Order your favorite take-out and have a virtual dinner date
  • Take a virtual class together, it could be yoga, a cooking class– they are easy to find
  • Cook dinner “together”, just pick a recipe and get cooking virtually.
  • Take turns reading a book out loud to each other
  • Plan a future vacation or bucket list trip together

Tidy Up Before Calling In

We know that what happens in quarantine, stays in quarantine. We won’t judge if you’ve worn the same sweatpants for the last week or have day old to-go boxes laying around. But before a video call, please do yourself a favor and clean up. You want to show yourself and your place at its best, even if you’re not necessarily feeling it. During a video call, you can see the background, so make sure your space is clean, not just the background of where you are holding your call. There is always the possibility that you may be asked to get up and move around, this is why you want to keep your whole place clean. Better safe than sorry, plus it’s a great motivator to get yourself and your place looking good.

Be Sure You’re Able To Focus

This may seem like a given, but for some people, they are sharing space with their parents due to social distancing or because they’ve been furloughed or lost their jobs. In this case, privacy becomes a priority. It’s not going to be a call where you can connect emotionally while your family members are just feet away. The same thing goes with those who are home bound with roommates, there isn’t always privacy. When you have someone making background noise, or creating a distraction, it can totally ruin the mood of a video call. To avoid interruptions from happening, make sure to let your family or roommates know that you will be on an important call and need some privacy. This can prevent any unexpected interferences that will distract you from your video date. Also make sure your focus is on the present and the person who you are speaking with. “So many people share too much, too soon, about their past relationships or past bad dates,” explains Relationship Coach Renee Richel, Founder of 1 True Match.  “Our past makes us who we are, but staying positive and not “ex-bashing” tells a lot about someone and shows how ready they are for a fresh start with someone new.”

Put Your Trust in 1 True Match

During these unforeseen times, everyone is feeling overwhelmed. Whether it’s about health, finances, or safety, tensions are high. Let us help you feel more at ease away by providing  a free consultation to see how we can help you succeed in your love life. Our relationship coaches at 1 True Match can also provide virtual coaching to make sure you are taking care of yourself during these times. They also can make sure you are taking this time to work on anything that may have been holding you back from loving yourself and finding someone to love you. We wish you good health and happiness!

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