How to Gain the Courage to Admit Your True Feelings

We all know how scary it can be to admit your true feelings about someone. Sometimes you put your heart on the line hoping it will ignite a meaningful new relationship, only to have it fizzle out. Those negative experiences tend to make us less willing to take that risk again and can make us doubt ourselves. But having courage and self-confidence are qualities everyone needs in many aspects of our lives.  According to Psychology Today those traits are important to possess at work, in school, as well as the relationships you have with friends, family, co-workers, your boss, really everywhere in your life. We want you to walk into any space or any situation with your head held high and your inner voice telling you that you’ve got this!  Here are a few ways you can build your courage and muster up confidence, especially when it comes to being honest about what you want in a relationship and who you want to have it with.

Wait for the Right Time

The first step to gaining the courage to admit your true feelings is to make sure it’s the right time. Finding the appropriate time means identifying that there is a delicate balance between saying something too soon in the relationship and saying something too late and missing your opportunity. On top of timing it right, you want to have this important conversation in a comfortable and inviting location. A group dinner or an office party is most likely not the right time to share your true feelings. You want a situation that affords some privacy and is quiet enough to have a meaningful conversation. This also give you time to think through what you want to say and how you will handle their response no matter the answer.

Do it in Person

We all know someone, or it may have even happened to you when a text message got totally lost in translation. People can read something into it that’s not there or miss the point entirely.  Look, telling someone you care about them and that you would like to pursue a relationship is worth discussing face to face. As professional matchmakers we shake our heads when we hear about people trying to communicate important thoughts and feelings over a text. Unless you’re a teenager who is too shy to put themselves out there in person, then it’s really not appropriate to discuss something so personal and important over a text message. It may seem like a lot of pressure to talk to someone in person but trust us your confidence will impress your crush.

Be Direct

Another step in building your confidence is to be direct. You want to make your point clear so there is no confusion. There’s nothing more awkward than having to repeat yourself or having to re-explain yourself when you’re admitting your feelings to someone. When you have to explain or repeat yourself, you tend to grow more insecure and doubt yourself.  When you are direct, it shows that you know what you want and that you are confident in your decision. People find that level of self-assuredness admirable and attractive. 

Keep That Confidence

If things don’t go as you had hoped or they do, either way don’t let anything take your confidence or sense of self-worth from you.  Your confidence in yourself needs to come from an inner place not from something or someone outside of you. If you lose your confidence or self-worth every time something doesn’t go as you’d hoped, you will ride an exhausting emotional roller coaster your entire life.  It all starts with loving yourself first and trusting that if things go wrong you will be okay no matter what and that you are a worthy person deserving of love and good things in your life.

Here at 1 True Match, we always encourage our clients to be their most authentic self. We are here to help you find your confidence and self-worth so you can become the best version of yourself.  Our goal is to find our clients happy, loving relationships by providing them with personalized services to succeed. If you would like our help to make that next meaningful connection, or need relationship coaching, give us a call or fill out 1 True Match’s complimentary dating profile. See how we can help you get back in the dating world and find a partner who has the same goals, hopes, and dreams as you, because everyone deserves to find their 1 True Match.

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