Climbing The Corporate Ladder Was Costing Mike A Dating Life

Mike* was a busy guy, he was committed to his career and was traveling all over the Southeast to keep climbing that corporate ladder. He was a well-respected professional and a sought-after top talent. His investment in his career put him at the top of his game but he began to realize he had sacrificed his social life and his love life in his professional pursuits.   A friend recommended some of the dating lunch groups but while Mike was ready to find a relationship, his schedule didn’t really allow for him to cast a wide net and start from scratch.  He also recognized that he had no recent experience with dating and probably needed some tips about how to get back in the game.

Mike’s Dating Skills Needed Some Updating

Mike found 1 True Match online and reached out to Relationship Coach and 1 True Match Founder Renee Richel. “It’s not easy to go to a professional matchmaker. Your pride and ego are on the line, and it can be a touchy subject,” explained Mike. “Renee’s personal approach puts you at ease and she really understands that professionals have a busy life. She works with you to develop a personal profile to match you with someone who has compatible interests and a similar background. That’s where the chemistry comes together.’

Mike wasn’t just looking for a date, he was ready to find a relationship that could lead to marriage.  He was committed to this pursuit as he was his career.  He worked with the team at 1 True Match to polish up his dating skills, update his wardrobe and gain the confidence to be able to connect with the right woman. “You have to be willing to take constructive feedback and it’s easy to take as long as the person giving it to you has your best interests at heart,” said Mike. “The feedback was always respectful. That is why I hired a professional.”

The First Match Led To Marriage

1 True Match found Holly. She matched Mike’s background, interests and she was also looking for a relationship that would lead to marriage. 1 True Match set up their first date with a meet up at a coffee shop, a walk through an area park and then dinner. Mike described the date as “wonderful” and by the end he was smitten and so was Holly. As a relationship coach Renee always asks for feedback from the couple about their date.  After speaking with Mike and Holly separately she provided guidance on how they could connect even more on the second date.

That advice worked because in the middle of the second date Mike knew Holly was the one. She had a similar family upbringing, and they both valued their faith. Mike was soon visiting Holly during the week and spending the holidays with her family. The pandemic hit and they hunkered down together and got to know each other even better. Within six months Mike purchased a home nearer to Holly and proposed. They were married a month later. “Renee was there for me during the entire process,” said Mike. “People have different levels of experience in dating. Renee made me comfortable in giving me guidance that turned out to be very valuable. We really felt that Renee was protecting us both during the process.” Mike and Holly are the reason why Renee and her team at 1 True Match are so passionate about what they do. “When we heard Mike and Holly’s incredible stories individually, and the loving families they both had, we just knew this would be a great match,” said Renee. “It was like the Holy Spirit came over all of us blessing the union they now have. Mike and Holly were 100% ready to fall in love and we knew God was guiding us through the entire process.”

Put Your Trust In 1 True Match!

At 1 True Match, you’ll find we are just as invested in you falling in love and staying safe as you are. We conduct background checks and personality tests to make sure you meet someone who is safe, honest, and has the financial resources they claim to have.

Considering the pandemic, we’ve added additional questions to our screening process regarding health and travel because our clients’ health and safety is our utmost importance. Don’t take unsafe chances by using dating apps; instead, use our proven, confidential, secure matchmaking services.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with 1 True Match to see how we can help you navigate the dating world safely and find a partner you can trust!

*Names have been to changed to protect our client’s privacy.



















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