What It’s Like To Be a Professional Matchmaker

With more than a decade of coaching hundreds of clients and creating successful matches, professional Christian Matchmaker Renee Richel has proven to be an expert at the delicate balance of incorporating the delicate art, and emotional insight needed for successful matchmaking. As a premier professional matchmaker and relationship coach, Renee has dedicated her life to the importance, purpose, and dynamics of human relationships. Renee discusses what it’s like to be a professional matchmaker in today’s day and age:

Q: What made you decide you wanted to become a professional matchmaker?

A: “I understand how it feels to have these amazing feelings of love for someone only to realize that my emotions and attraction for this person were not based on the things that really mattered.  I was also watching my best girl friends have similar experiences that resulted in them wasting time and lots of emotional energy in wrong relationships. It motivated me to start reading about and researching what were essential components that would result in a successful and meaningful relationship and marriage.  In the course of my research journey I began looking for a professional to help me find the men with the traits and values that I was learning were the key ingredients.  So, when I couldn’t find someone in my area who provided professional, private and a faith-based matchmaking service, I decided to commit myself to his calling.”

Q: What is it like when you have found someone their 1 True Match?

A: “When we start a journey with a client to find their 1 True Match it’s very exciting.  We know they have hired us because they want to go from being single into a committed and successful relationship.  Our team gets to work to find them that person who has the same values, commitment and chemistry.  When we find that match for them it’s like the feeling you have on Christmas morning, that combination of happy and excited! You’ve been working for and anticipating that moment and then it’s the best day ever when they choose their 1 true match.  It’s so rewarding, it’s why I do what I do!”

Q: Why do you think matchmaking is making a comeback?

“It’s never really gone away.  People are always turning to their friends to see who they know, and there are many cultures that have been using matchmakers for centuries.  But the personal connection of matchmaking got lost with the explosion of dating apps and online dating sites.  Singles thought those were quick fixes and short cuts to finding a connection with someone.  However, in many, many cases they’ve turned out to be full of people not looking for something real, just something right now.  We are seeing a return to the desire to have that personal and intimate connection. At the end of the day, you hire professionals in so many other areas of your life and this is one of the biggest decisions and investment you will ever make so wouldn’t you use the help of a professional. 

Q: How does a matchmaker know what type of person would be right for me?

A: During the first meeting, our matchmakers perform a compatibility consultation. A matchmaker will go in-depth with you to find out what you are truly looking for in a long-term partner and offer advice on starting your new journey of finding a match. Based on what we discover during our meetings,  we will search our existing databases, reach out to our network of other matchmakers, and attend networking events to find someone who fits your needs.

Q: How do I know the people selected will truly be compatible and not just someone who is also looking for a potential match?

A: Our matchmakers personally interview every candidate to ensure that your potential match is truly who they say they are, have the same values, and share the same interests. We also provide background checks on each candidate to ensure our clients’ safety.

Q: I’m a little nervous about putting myself out there. Do you have any tips on getting started?

A: I suggest looking at every first date as a new opportunity. See the person sitting across from you as having the potential to add value to your life. They could become a new friend, a professional colleague, or if they aren’t the right fit for you, they might have a friend who is. You’ll never know unless you go into it with an open mind and heart! I also provide date coaching to all clients through a program called “LOVE Starts with YOU!” that offers the latest relationship tips to apply in your life and to hold onto a lasting love.

Q: How do I get started on this process of finding my 1 True Match?

A: The journey begins with a 20-minute complimentary consultation phone call to share our process and then we meet for a one hour in person goal setting session to discuss your goals, values, and to gain the information we need to know how we can support you in creating the personal life you desire. From there, we start interviewing and vetting potential partners for their comparability criteria.  Every introduction is pre-screened by our team and when we have an exciting match to share with you, we’ll reach out for your thoughts and approval. After each and every date, you’ll provide and receive feedback, which is a valuable part of why we’ve been able to help couples find true love.

Renee’s entrepreneurial spirit, emotional intelligence, and invested listening skills have resulted in the development of a talented team disciplined by faith, love, and integrity in helping clients find their 1 True Match. Schedule a complimentary consultation with 1 True Match to see how we can help you get back in the dating game and find a partner that has the same goals, hopes, and dreams as you!

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