Wedding Trends for 2021 That We Love For A Very Special Reason!

Since we are in the business of love, we are always curious what the new wedding trends will be.  There are few things that bring us more joy than excited brides-to-be gushing about their wedding plans. We were especially curious how 2021 weddings would look considering the impact the Coronavirus is having on gatherings and venues.  We shared back in October that elopements and micro-weddings were emerging or re-emerging as an unanticipated trend just months into 2020 when the pandemic was picking up speed. Brides and grooms decided to forgo big weddings that could potentially become super spreader events and instead turned them into small, more intimate gatherings or eloping and celebrating at a later date.

As professional matchmakers, we’ve been super busy because people just don’t want to take the chance of being exposed to someone who may have the virus.  They have been turning to us because of our stringent screening process which now includes questions about travel, exposure, and illness.

So, the trends that we are highlighting speak to couples who are making their health and wellbeing and that of others a top priority during their nuptials.  We see that kind of care and consideration as an important Christian value. Trending colors, styles, and themes are all over wedding sites but the ones we are focusing on will hopefully go a long way to provide ideas on how to have a memorable day in a loving and thoughtful way.

Micro-Weddings Moving Into 2021

Smaller more intimate weddings are still trending into 2021 due to the continuing virus and a slower than expected rollout of vaccines. “People in love still want to share this special event with loved ones and friends,” says Relationship Coach Renee Richel, Founder of 1 True Match. “The silver lining in all this is that instead of a huge party that costs lots of money and causes a lot of stress the emphasis is now on more meaningful and intimate celebrations with truly close friends and family.” Keep in mind those friends and family who are too old or don’t feel safe to travel by including a live stream link so they can still be a part of your day.

Outdoor Venues Instead of Humongous Halls

Heading outside is hot right now – it’s actually cold, but you know what we mean. We’ve learned by now that fresh outside air is a safer way to gather than indoors with recirculated air and limited ventilation. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding the first things you should book are your tents and outdoor lighting. Wedding experts say those items are going fast, so make sure you get that part locked down right away. Outdoor venues are also a great way to integrate the theme into your wedding, whether it’s at the beach, in the mountains, or on a farm, the landscape and view can add a spectacular feature to your special day.

Mood Lighting with a Special Sparkle

An outdoor tent-style wedding also provides more opportunity to control lighting and create a warm, romantic, and intimate setting.  Trees and greenery with little lights, hanging chandeliers, and drapes of twinkly lights can turn that blank canvas into a stunning, sparkling space. Candles on tables, votives spread throughout, or colored lighting that saturates certain sections can certainly create a dreamy scene straight out of a romance novel.

No Cattle Call for Cocktails

In order to adhere to social distancing, wedding planners are forecasting a bypass of long lines at the bar and instead offer guests a grab and go cocktail. Pre-made Moscow Mules in a can, champagne splits, or bourbon in mini mason jars are just a couple of ideas to make access to beverage options quicker and add some fun and freshness to the old-school bartender stations.  Your caterer can help you pick a selection of pre-made cocktails that fit your theme, and some have come with custom coasters that also serve as a guest gift.

Buffets Are Out, Single Servings Are In

We don’t need to tell you how popular buffets are or were, but self-serving stations with shared utensils and uncovered food are being phased out in 2021 due to safety concerns.  But the good news is that it opens the door to more creative menu options and serving styles. It could be an appetizer plate for one that includes all of the offerings. Smaller plates and individualized portions are increasing in popularity with mason jars complete with veggies and dip, individualized bite-size portions of chicken, shrimp, or meat skewers all on a single plate. Your guests will feel safer and it gives your caterer a chance to show off their creative culinary skills.

Big Cakes Are Out of Favor in 2021

Smaller individual cakes of different flavors, shapes, and styles are big! In 2021, the forecast is that cakes will grow smaller in size, but more dynamic in detail. Dallas-based event planner Ashley Mason of Saunter Weddings says, “a well-designed smaller cake can have a major wow factor. Whether it’s an intricate pattern inspired by the detail of your gown or vibrant flowers that play with your color palette.” This is also a great way to incorporate your wedding colors and themes into these tiny tasty treats!

Tiny Toasts

Finally, with smaller intimate weddings there is an opportunity to allow toasts from friends or family who truly know the couple and can speak to the couple’s relationship, include some sweet memories or shared experiences.  Smaller weddings or dinner party-style events are more casual and intimate providing a more meaningful opportunity for several guests not just the maid of honor or best man to toast the happy couple.

These toasts could also include a small prayer that guests can say for the couple or a bible passage that speaks to the meaning of marriage, faith, and love. “This is probably our favorite anticipated trend,” adds Richel. “It reminds everyone the real reason why they’ve gathered, to celebrate a marriage, the union of two people whom God has blessed.  It’s a great way to start a marriage with faith front and center.”


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