How To Talk Politics Without Ruining Your Relationship

There seems to be no escaping politics these days.  Even during the midst of this “social distancing” and concerns over the economy, politics can quickly come up and dominate the conversation. The old rule of never speaking about politics, religion, or money on a date has seemingly gone by the wayside. Potential partners are now encouraged to address these issues sooner rather than later to avoid surprises too far down the road.  And what was once considered taboo conversation is now integral to have since there has rarely been a time of such great divide between political parties. Whether you’re a liberal, a moderate, or a conservative, this conversation is important because this may be someone you spend the rest of your life with. Relationship Coach and Professional Christian matchmaker Renee Richel, President of 1 True Match explains how to have a productive conversation about politics with your date, even if your beliefs differ:

Don’t Be Scared!

Bringing up politics on a date can be very scary. First, remember you’re on a date because the two of you are interested in each other and want to see if the relationship can develop into something more. If you’ve already decided that you like someone, you’re less likely to see their political views as a deal breaker. However, you need to be prepared if they do differ. Although this isn’t a conversation you have to have on the first date, you may need to if politics is an integral part of your life.

5 Tips To Creating A Productive Conversation

The most important thing to remember about the conversation is that it’s not a debate. If you happen to disagree with your date’s political stance, don’t be dismissive. Instead, try to be open to learning why they think that way or how they came to be so passionate about their beliefs. Of course, the optimal situation would be for your political beliefs to align perfectly, but even if you’re a part of the same party, your stance on certain issues may differ.

Here are 5 tips to make your conversation about politics a productive one:

  • Start with an open-ended question: Don’t just ask your date what political party they are a part of. Instead, ask what beliefs are important to them when it comes to politics. From there, you’ll be able to gauge what party they’re a part of and understand what issues are important to them.
  • Don’t get defensive: Keep an open mind throughout the entire conversation. If they say something you don’t agree with, don’t look at it as an argument. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to learn more about your date and their beliefs.
  • Keep it classy: Some people are extremely passionate about politics. If your date begins to raise their voice over the issues at hand, simply let them know that you didn’t want this conversation to turn into a debate and try to move it in a different direction.
  • Don’t be afraid to share your beliefs: The reason for this conversation is to learn more about your date, but also for them to learn more about you. Just because they are a part of a different party doesn’t mean your conversation needs to come to a halt. Look at it as an opportunity to educate yourself on the other side’s beliefs.
  • Agree to disagree: If the two of you have differing beliefs when it comes to political issues, discuss them. By having a healthy conversation, your date will see that you’re informed and are able to put your beliefs aside to see where they’re coming from.

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