Make That Next Wedding Invite Yours!

Always a bridesmaid never a bride?  How many times have we heard that old saying?  Well, if you’re already attending the rounds of summer weddings see this season as a chance to take advantage of all those invites!  You are looking your best, love is in the air and the odds are great of getting the chance to mingle with other singles.

Seek out the Singles Table

So, let’s make the most of it!  First, let whoever invited you know that are open to meeting new people and are happy to sit at a table with people who aren’t bringing a plus one.  Make sure you engage other single guests with conversation, even members of the same sex, or people out of your age range, you never know who they know!


Be a Great Guest 

What that means is take the opportunity to give a short and sweet toast, encourage your new friends at your table to hit the dance floor, offer to take pictures when you see selfies in action and talk to older guests, not just your own age group.  Remember, it’s not just who you know, but who they know.  You want people in the room to notice you for all the right reasons, ask who you are, how you know the bride or groom and want to meet you.

The Open Bar is NOT Your Friend

Keep the liquid courage to a minimum. It’s hard to resist that open bar and the free-flowing bubbles but remember, you want to remember who you met, what you talked about and you want them to remember you for all the right reasons!

Be Leery of the Life of the Party

We tend to be attracted to the attractive guy or girl who is the life of the party, remember the comedy Wedding Crashers, where John and Jeremy are the most popular (uninvited) guests at every wedding?  Celebrating with them is fun but the bright and shiny people can often be a distraction from someone who is really a better fit for you in the long term.  Try finding the person who appears relaxed and at ease and is also helping others feel more comfortable and have a good time.  Look for the people pleaser but not the loudest person is the room, in other words, that other person who is busy being a “great guest!”

Casual But Calculated Conversations

Finally, do be careful if you are looking for a long-term relationship.  Many singles consider weddings a quick hook up, so make sure that when you are making small talk you are still asking relevant questions.  You can still keep it light and breezy and ask about their career goals, what book they last read or would recommend, a fun place they’ve recently traveled, where they are from and what do they do for fun.  These are all great questions to keep the conversation casual and at the same time reveal whether you have shared goals and values. (Keep an eye out for my next True Talk where I cover the 10 Best Questions to Ask on a First Date!)

Remember at the end of the day what makes a marriage successful, is not just a lovely wedding, but two people who share each other’s vision, values and heart!  So good luck out there turning wedding season into a successful strategy!

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