Leave Dating to the Pros: One Woman’s Experience with a Matchmaker

Jill* had a great marriage so when her husband passed away after nearly 30 years together, she wanted to take some time and just be with her kids and heal from their huge loss.  After four years and with her kids now in college, she felt like she might be ready to start socializing and even dating. Now in her 50’s she was still vibrant and attractive but hadn’t dated in 34 years and was entering a dating world she didn’t recognize. She was also concerned about her safety; she’d heard the horror stories of men taking advantage of vulnerable women and she wasn’t about to even try all those risky dating apps.

Setup and Apps Were A Waste of Time and Worrisome

Jill’s friends set her up on a few dates and fixups, but they didn’t work out and she felt awkward turning down men that her friends had gone to the trouble of setting her up with. A friend even signed her up on a dating app, but Jill could tell right away it wasn’t a good fit for her. As a working professional, she felt it was too public, too time-consuming to go through all the profiles and she was still worried the men on the site might not be who they said they were.  She was at a dead end and didn’t know where to turn.

I Never Thought I Would Hire a Matchmaker

Using a professional matchmaker was not even on her radar until a co-worker confided that she was a client of 1 True Match. A Jacksonville-based Christian matchmaking service, 1 True Match offered the confidentiality and screening process Jill was looking for and she didn’t have to invest as much time as she had during her short time on the dating app. But she was still hesitant. “My first reaction was the stigma of having to use a matchmaker,” explained Jill. “I was afraid I would look desperate that I needed help to find someone. But I realized I did need someone to help ease me back into the dating world, a lot of time had passed since I was single.”

She met with Relationship Coach Renée Richel, Founder of 1 True Match. Together they began narrowing down what Jill was looking for in a partner through personality tests, identifying her love language, and even determining what types she would have chemistry with. Jill was able to see more clearly what her must-haves, I would like to have and what her deal breakers were in a relationship. “We know how unnerving it can be to enter or return to the dating world,” said Richel. “We want clients like Jill to feel comfortable and confident that their best interests and safety are our top priority and that we are going to carefully interview and background check potential partners, so we don’t waste our client’s time.”

Working with a Matchmaker Gave Her Clarity

Jill was pleased with the 1 True Match process. She liked that both she and the candidates were undergoing the same steps and were as equally invested in the process. “Renée guided me through the process,” said Jill. She helped me better understand myself and what I was really looking for instead of ‘trying people on’ to see if they fit.” Jill admits at first the thought of paying someone to find her a date was daunting, but after experiencing the thorough process, the quality of candidates and the security she feels knowing her date is who they say they are makes it an invaluable investment.

Final note, Jill is currently dating someone she says has potential, they are both taking it slow and enjoying the companionship as they build their relationship.

*Name was changed to protect her privacy.











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